Ross and Rachel Halloween costume


Ross and Rachel Halloween costume


  1. Posted by ksteven30108, — Reply

    Her apron never says central perk and Ross doesn’t wear a shirt that says that. Wear a regular apron and Ross can wear a Frankie Says Relax shirt or something. Just irks me when costumes have quotes or words that aren’t on the character 😖

  2. Posted by kdetulio, — Reply

    Hi I was wondering how you got central perk on the apron!?! I cant find any with that

  3. Posted by glamourgirl39, — Reply

    I think it’s funny! And any FRIENDS fan get it. 🤣

  4. Posted by JulesRodriguez3, — Reply

    Is that Simon Cowell

  5. Posted by MissKay209, — Reply

    Father and daughter Halloween costume? Or couple?

  6. Posted by abdz2010, — Reply

    Rachel’s outfit tho

  7. Posted by morganmt8235, — Reply

    It’s marcel!!

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